Cleaning of heavily mineralized waste water from industrial production processes in the food industry

ANAFIT®.CS in the beet sugar production

The clean way to a sweet product

The manufacturing processes in the food industry often provide stringent process technology and engineering requirements for the necessary wastewater treatment plants. In many cases the only possible solutions are individually developed and use specifically matched processes.

The sugar industry in particular likes to use flume water circuits for the cleaning of processed crops. Abundant lime is added to the flume water prior to beet washing, which reduces the odours and results in a better settling of soil. In addition, the lime also reduces corrosion in the pipework and therefore keeps maintenance and service costs down.

However, this results in wastewaters with high calcium content and a tendency for mineral precipitation. Conventional wastewater treatment with UASB or EGSB reaches its limits here due to very large amounts of calcium carbonate precipitates that rapidly clog the equipment, thus degrading performance of the overall treatment process.

Process Overview

ANAFIT.CS is a reliable, time-tested and very effective method for the treatment of just such wastewaters. It is based on the anaerobic contact sludge process and combines three consecutive steps into a single highly efficient unit:

ANAFIT - Process overview

In the methane reactor, a distribution system of stainless steel lances blows gas evenly into the supplied mixture of mud and water. With no moving parts suffering from wear and tear, the mixture is constantly agitated and kept liquid. Here both the calcium carbonate and the pollutant concentration are removed by precipitation and hence the COD is drastically reduced. At the same time, energy-rich biogas is produced in the methane reactor. This creates positive pressure through which about 90 percent of the gas is discharged.

In the subsequent closed degassing stage the mixture of water and sludge settles again. An agitator and a blower remove the remaining ten percent of the produced biogas, which is not only an important resource, but would also disrupt the operational processes in the third stage.

The thickener, as the final stage of purification, separates the liquid and solid components of the discharged mixture and feeds the thickened sludge back into the methane reactor as valuable biomass. There it goes through the process again in order to produce more biogas. Once enough sludge has been collected in the methane reactor, excess solids are removed at this point.


A system based on the ANAFIT.CS concept offers a high level of operational safety as well as easy monitoring and maintenance, and is particularly suitable for campaign operation.

The ANAFIT.CS treatment circulates the wastewater highly efficiently by injecting gas into it, thus reducing its organic load, and therefore its COD value, by up to 95 percent.

The high degree of homogenisation in the methane reactor guarantees the production of biogas of consistently high quality.

The consistently large proportion of biomass in the methane reactor ensures the stability of the degradation process.

The ANAFIT.CS method is completely unaffected by mineral precipitates, especially calcium carbonate.

References - ANAFIT©.CS

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